How to plan a perfect honeymoon trip to Maldives?

How to plan a perfect honeymoon trip to Maldives

When your dream honeymoon somewhat matches a tropical destination, then it is not at all surprising that the first name that will pop up in your mind would be Maldives. With its endless sparkling sea waters, peachy sunset, long stretched patches of fine sand, romantic overwater villas and some of the most top-class services, the charm of Maldives is something which is really hard to beat.

However, if you are wondering how to proceed with planning your Maldives honeymoon so that it remains magical and memorable, then you have nothing more to worry about. After all the hard work of planning your wedding, you definitely would not want to pressurise yourself more. So, waste no more of your precious time and read our tricky tips for planning an amazing Maldives honeymoon that too in just a short time!

  1. Start Planning your Maldives Honeymoon Early

Often it happens that in the chaos of planning a perfect wedding, we tend to leave planning for honeymoon in the backseat which eventually leaves very little time later on. Hence, it is important that you maintain the balance between the two occasions for a hassle-free time. Start searching for things like Maldives trip cost for couple, in order to be mentally prepared about the kind of budget you need to have in order to avoid any last moment shocks.

Another important reason for early planning is that Maldives is a quite popular honeymoon destination, especially during its peak season from November to April. Some smart people may already book the best rooms and villas at best prices early on, leaving you with almost nothing. So, unless you want to compromise by going with the second choice, then be the early bird and prevent yourself the stress by grabbing the best choices at reasonable rates.

  1. Choose the Honeymoon Date Wisely

There are many people who wish to leave for their honeymoon adventure either on the evening of their wedding day or a day after that. On the other hand, if instead of going on an immediate honeymoon and being too specific of the date, you can give yourself a little leeway, even of 2 to 3 days on either of the side, you may not only get better rates on your flight ticket as well as on

Maldives accommodation but also let your body get relaxed from all the stress of wedding festivities. Always remember, that having a little flexibility in terms of dates can land you up several amazing discounts on your Maldives honeymoon package.

You can also plan your honeymoon dates by taking into consideration the peak and low season. If you are a sun bum, then its best that you go for Maldives honeymoon during its peak season only but if you don’t mind a bit of warm drizzle here and there, then you can look in for great deals during the low season as well.

  1. Decide between staying options like Water Villa and Beachside Abode

Now, the next decision you need to make for your dream Maldives honeymoon is that whether you wish to stay in those picture – perfect over water villas or you prefer staying on the beachside abode with the picturesque ocean views and sparkling side in close proximity.

Most of the Maldives resorts offer both of these options to their customers and each of the two accommodation options have their own sets of benefits. While over water villas provide you the golden chance of jumping off your deck whenever into the glamorous azure oceans, but they are often located at some distance from the beaches. So, if you are a beach bum or want to be in close proximity with sand stretches, then it is better that you opt for staying in the beachside villa.

Another factor which can influence your decision is the pricing. Though the price tag of each of the two accommodations mainly depends on the resort name as well as on the villa size that you choose, but generally it has been seen that over water villas come at a slightly higher price than the beach villas. Depending upon the preferences of your better half as well as considering your pocket, you need to make a wise decision.

  1. Booking the right honeymoon package

Once you are sorted with all the details like the date of your honeymoon, about the kind of accommodation you want to stay at and so on, it is now time that you start looking and book only one of the best Maldives honeymoon packages. Many of the top resorts in Maldives, offer a variety of special honeymoon packages, especially for newlyweds. All of these packages are designed in a way to provide them the deserved romantic getaway along with some added extra magical moments in between. Honeymoon packages are a great option, if you wish to just enjoy your time without stressing over all the formalities as the resort will go beyond their usual care to make sure that you receive the best of their attention.

Moreover, on the top of it, booking one of these honeymoon packages save you a lot of money too. Usually, the honeymoon packages are designed including several romantic things like private candlelit dinners on the beach, rose petal lined bed, champagne on ice in the room on arrival, couple spa packages and a lot more.

Now that you already know of some amazing tips and tricks to guide you in your Maldives honeymoon planning, wait no more and begin planning early in order to create the best memories in future.

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