Videos are going to help the most in Social Media for B2B Companies in 2020

Videos are going to help the most in Social Media for B2B Companies in 2020 3

If you clarify to managers in organizations representing the B2B industry importance of social networking video, you’ll typically be overlooked with discrepancies and head shakes.

“Sorry, that’s just not what our customers want or care about,” a common response would be.”Videos are perfect for B2C companies ‘ Facebooks and Instagrams, but in the B2B environment, there’s no way. No one is interested in stuff like that.

While this is a widely held view, it’s quite risky: B2B businesses, that fail to exploit the market value of social media images, do so at their own risk.

The type of social networking videos to be created by B2B companies is distinctive from the ones released by B2C companies. Throughout my knowledge B2B video is:

  • Motivational reports highlighting corporate culture, Management and purpose
  • Case studies on actual success stories
  • Demonstrations and/or clarification that a product or service delivers Feedback from CEOs about key organization actions/decision
  • POVs in emerging markets. B2B is the strongest throughout B2B, but is most valuable to B2B companies.

As far as platforms on social media are concerned, B2B businesses will rely on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, while B2C firms connect on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to potential customers. Please be aware that while YouTube is a social media platform, it is behind Google the two most popular and used search engines, and posting/sharing B2B video that integrates specific keywords on YouTube can provide useful SEO advantages.

While social media videos that vary in content and platforms between B2C and B2B activities, this does not imply that B2B businesses can sleep on a vibrant social media video strategy. The upside is just too big to disregard.

These are the benefits that social media video can provide to B2B businesses in any new year 2020, be they service providers or consumer manufacturers:

  1. Videos create a messaging strategy that aims to educate vs. Sell

Managers are always looking for vehicles for communication and marketing that offer a new way of selling their products or services. The mindset of “complete the deal now” will not produce results for social media clips.

“If you can help [your prospects] become better versions of themselves and teach them something useful, they are more likely to (eventually) care about you and your services,” says Wadman. His recommendation?

“Don’t market your products or services from the very beginning to your potential customers. Educate them. Train them. Aid them to overcome their problems.

“Don’t market your products or services from the outset to your potential customers. Only teach them. Teach them. Help them to overcome their problems.

The social media video are the perfect medium for this long-lasting approach to the game. We give B2B businesses a chance not by selling their products or services, but by unselling their opportunities. Through social media posts, consumers can know more about the products and are more informed in your ability to deliver their performance, so–if they are happy–they can unlock their packages and buy long-term supplies. By delivering such coaching resources regularly

  1. They take advantage of mobile video consumption over desktop viewing.

More videos are viewed by smart-phone users than web users. More than half of the video viewing has been done on mobile devices, 233% since 2013.

Combine this with LinkedIn info, which is the social media platform where your videos are supposed to live, as described above:

  • 57% of LinkedIn users are accessing it via their mobile devices
  • 94% of B2B marketers are publishing their content on the site
  • Video posts on LinkedIn are five times more likely to generate user comments
  • 80% of B2B leads generated by social media traffic originates on LinkedIn

If you required hard figures to affirm the importance of a B2B video campaign in social media, these are quite hard evidence.

  1. They grow lead gen via targeting and creating authentic connections with engaged users.

Do you want to reach B2B clients in certain markets, classes for job titles, or geographical regions with specific and surgical attention?

You can do with LinkedIn. And if you wish to communicate with B2B users who post or upload their images, fast clicks can encourage new and potentially lucrative relationships.

The Exects that connect in your LinkedIn posts shows that they’re involved in your message and that they’re fascinated by that. Take the next logical move by asking for the contact or by texting it.

  1. They offer you an advantage over your stubborn and awkward rivals.

If B2B companies competing in your area want to ignore the possibilities for building businesses videos of the social media can offer, let them do so. To paraphrase the wisdom that Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane shared in the film Moneyball, “when your enemies are making mistakes, don’t interrupt them”.

  1. We allow sales teams to include new tools in their pitches and presentations.

I also noticed that a two-minute video, which is intelligently illustrated and visually attractive, is a more compelling way to present the message than a two-page slideshow or even a two-part proposal text. Your sales team can leverage them as attractive presentation options to achieve more milestones from your B2B social media videos. This would rapidly increase the ROI for your clips and also provide new ways for your marketing to extend talks and close deals with future buyers.

In Q1 2020, B2B CEOs and executives know what outreach ideas would work out and that is usually not worth doing, in terms of increasing their sales and market share. A Social Media Video Strategy that supports their sales and marketing efforts actively should be taken into account if they are open to an option that may bring substantial rewards to 2020 and beyond (and that they can have initially ignored).



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