Being #1 in Google Search Engine

Being #1 in Google Search Engine

Couple a days ago, I was reading my favourite blog site (Moz) and I came cross a very well written article about the Number #1 Position in Google. Now we all know that SEO has evolve in years and so as the factors effecting our position. We always talk about backlinks, Content, Website Structure and blah blah, but Did we ever analyse the real position, I mean do we get the same visibility or reward to be positioned at the top of SERP? I have my doubt’s.


I have been in this field of Digital Marketing for the last 12 years and lot has change from the time I started working the only thing which has not change is the importance of Content.

Now coming back to my topic, So if we do a close analyse in the Number position and it’s visibility than Number #1 Position has became Number #7 in Google, Thanks to Google updates we are actually not in Number #1 position anymore.

To better understand, what I am saying we have to realize that certain SERP features have changed in many years, like Top Stories, Video Carousels, Feature Snippets do take lot’s of space of your organic page ranking results. And it keep changing according to the keywords search, If you are searching for any products than the organic result will be way below all the features. So, a page with only Organic results will be much shorter than a page with many rich SERP features introduced by Google.

How much do sponsored ads matter in organic position?

 We all are aware that Google has removed right-hand sponsored ads columns on desktop and has the number of sponsored ads in top-left side of the page from 3 to 4, but the priority of paid ads has not changed they still has the premium position. So, How this effects the Organic position?

On an average the more ads, mean the lower #1 organic position will be. Since ads count increase which also increase the page length (more page scrolling). Because SERP are so closely associated with search intent, and the results with more ads in the page tend to be more commercial.

So, How about featured snippets and how it effect?

It was launched in the year 2014 by Google, the feature is to show result promoted with a combination of organic links with answer extracted from a featured pages.

Featured snippets are considered organic technically, but it can effect CTR and it push organic result down. As we know featured snippets tend to appear in the top as known as position #0.

Further Ads will keep pushing result down, and if a featured snippets extract bullet list than it will take fair amount of space. Featured snippets can be the latest Trend to position your self as it will always be positioned in the top.

So, what should a online marketer do?

Online rules are changing, and change can be a nightmare. There’s no doubt that the SEO of 2020 is very different in some ways than the SEO of early years, & organic results are just one such things of a much bigger picture. Honestly, as online marketers, we have to accept that , or have to find a new career. I am thinking of staring a Organic Herbal Product manufacturing.

In my opinion three most important things we should always try to remember are

  1. Maximum click still comes from organic results
  2. We should now focus more on Videos, News, Images as many features are evolving.
  3. We should think as an Searcher, to understand what they are looking for and how they are, now we have to think more strategically rather than following book rules.

As we are pushed further down, we must think out of the box and find a way to reach our targeted audience with a different approach.

For further detail and to know more about these read the article on “How Low Can #1 Go? (2020 Edition)” Moz written by Dr. Peter J. Meyers.

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Nilotpal Datta

A Digital Marketing professional with MBA in Information Management from Wales University, Cardiff who is been walking the entrepreneurship path in Digital Marketing with overall work experience of more than 15 years. Have worked with many Corporate Houses over past few years and currently associated with PEOCIT Technologies as Digital Marketing Head.

I am personally Certified in Google Analytics, Google Ads Fundamental, Google Digital Sales, HubSpot Social Media, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, SEMrust Technical SEO, Youtube Channel Growth, & BINGS Accredited Ads Professional.


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