Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel – Demo & Review

Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel Demo & Review

I’m back with this new article this time around I’m doing a demo and a product review for the on Jackie’s Flexi recipes don’t shrink flaxseed elongating curling gel. Now, of course, this curling gel has been on the market for quite some time. But this is my very first time trying it and I see a lot of girls are starting to try gels that have flaxseed and even making their flaxseed gels. You know shouts out so all the Flexi Love is out there and this is my opportunity to try this gel particularly that has like seasoning before I made my concoction so hopefully it is a win-win across the boards.

Now what I am going to do is show you all the specs of this bad boy and show you the first bad ingredients. I also want to know that my hair has also been freshly shampooed and condition so that’s happening inside this thing.

Okay, of course, you’re looking at that on aunt jackie’s flaxseed gel. This is sulfate-free Caribbean free men are all free and also has no petroleum.

This is enriched with flax seed and wheat protein it claims to keep your curls elongated and give them nourishment throughout the week. In the days to come. So here are the very first five ingredients. This gel claims to be very promising. As you can see you see you use it for any type of style that you want to achieve such as Bring it out without even dance. When I left the I rack out.

So I am going to open it up for the very first time and this smells a whole lot like the curl I laugh from.

I’m Jackie’s another very classic throwback product from now on Jackie’s line but a militia I know that the chroma lab did not work well for me here at all and I tried it like early on when I was natural probably a year and a half to two years and so be a natural. I tried it like throughout the whole year to year mark and my hair hated it.

I would say that it doesn’t have like a Custer feel has more like melted jello feel and it doesn’t have a sticky feel at all. So it’s almost like I’ll say aloe vera gel and it’s nowhere near a equals dollars so lots of lines so the hair and see how he Iraq’s.

Now once I had coded my hair with the gel I was a little bit acid mystic about it because I felt like maybe this Dill was not going to give me defying curls. And I also felt like maybe I should have used a lemon conditioner with the gel. But on the ingredients is not even say that you need to leave it at all. So this is a gel that you can’t just apply. It’s clean dry or even damp here. And just do your thing whatever type of style you want to try to get achieve.

So that was different for me. So a gel that does not require any I believe in is like like amazing. But at the same time, it’s scary because you don’t want to waste all your time trying to do wash it especially to define your curls and it ends up being a hot flaky mess. But. That was also OK from Seattle.  Look my curls Curly look like. I have like some finger cools because like my hair wasn’t like holding a girl the way I needed to even those like David.

I want to also know what I’m I’m just thoughts about the gel. First off I want to say that I am very very happy with the turnout of my hair now but it is compact and it’s like a little bit stiff but I can say that I have movement and I can say that my curls do not have a joke is in the shine comes from the show I did not even use any oil I’m going to do a turn around so y’all can see my full head soon so you just keep reading it.

But yes so far so good with this gel now. That’s for long waiting. That’s a lie because I don’t see where elongate the pearls and I even use the concentration nasal on my hair. My hair is tight my hair texture and my hair is still shrunk up so my hair loves the hydration from this gel but as for as my hair holding would sue the long geishas from the gel-like my hair should belong.

It’s not and that’s kind of like really low on gating now.

So that’s not something to wear it really and truly does do. But I feel like if I would have like a bring it out even though I don’t do bring it outside it’s what’s out with it. The allegation possibly could have still been there. As far as my thoughts on the product the smell does not linger. So it is you know nice. I had pillows soft curls no tacky no crunchy feel. I used a t-shirt so dry my hair and then I went in with using my concentration nasal on my blow dryer.

To finish it off and this is my first day here.

So let me set it around so y’all can read that is the end of this article.

I do want to thank you all so much for read this article. if you have mass describe yet do what you want your girlfriend what you want you for boyfriend during the wedding seeing you here. And remember to keep God first in your life and in everything that you do in results will always follow.

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