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Effectiveness of bed bug powder

Effectiveness of bed bug powder

Bed bugs can be very stressful, especially if you have just invested in new furniture and other household decors. They will damage these assets by staining them with their shedding and eggs. In the process of eliminating them, you may have to open up the couches to inject a killer substance, which may result in deforming some parts of your furniture. Fortunately, you can use organic and food-grade bed bug powder to eliminate them before they get out of control. Bed bugs multiply from a few to fully invade your home. They can come from anywhere, no matter how clean you maintain your house or apartment to get their daily food- your blood. So how effective is this powder in eliminating bed bugs?

Safe on furniture

Other products like liquid bed bug repellants such as sprays require you to directly spray the critters in order for it to be effective. If you happen to miss them, they will keep hiding and crawl out of your furniture and fittings soon after the spray has reduced its efficiency. Some fabrics may not react well to sprays and may stain them permanently. Again, bed bug powder can be applied on the floor near the beds and furniture than directly on fabrics and furniture.

Easy and economical to use at home

It’s also tricky to spot them on your bed, mattress, and wood spaces in order to spray them with liquids. However, with bed bug powder, you can strategically apply it to various positions they are likely to pass at night. And without their knowledge, once they pass over the powder, it will get into their system and kill them on the spot. Hence, you will prevent staining your seats and beddings by avoiding direct application. Liquid pesticides also require the services of a professional to determine the right concentration, which can be costly. While the powder is ready to use compound, it will save you some money.

Lasting residual effect

In addition, powder form has a lasting effect than spray. Therefore, you don’t require to keep turning over and disorganizing your furniture arrangement to reapply the powder often. This ensures that your home décor is not frequently interfered with and mishandled. It also prevents new infestations for several weeks to come to incase there are unhatched eggs. To achieve a hundred percent effectiveness, you may only require one or two more applications.

Healthy and easy to clean

Once the powder has taken full effect, you can easily wipe off the residue with a cleaning agent without leaving stains on your floor and other places. It can be very costly and depressing to start replacing and repairing your furniture. More importantly, most beg bug powders are made from natural organic compounds. Hence, they are safer on you, your pets, and interior plants compared to synthetic sprays.

Steps to effectively apply organic bed bug powder

While most homeowners ask about the effectiveness of powder, hardly do they know, that how they apply it, determines the outcome. In order to achieve the highest effective rate, bed bug powder requires to be applied in a specific way or in accordance with the manufacturer. This will ensure that you don’t apply this compound in a manner that will adversely affect your home decor and not achieve your objective.

Let us look at a few simple procedures;

  • Wash all fabrics from all affected rooms or the entire house with preferably hot water and dry completely on the hot setting of your home dryer. This includes all sheets, bed covers, pillows a pillow blankets, among others. When washing, add a little bleach to assist in chasing away the bed bugs.
  • The floor is another target area that should be cleaned thoroughly by vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning all the carpets.
  • Rearrange your furniture in a manner that they are away from the walls while ensuring that no bed sheets or skirtings are touching the ground. This is to ensure that no bed bugs will escape by creeping from the wall cracks and the floor.
  • Using your clean hands or applicator pistons, apply the bed bug powder lightly on the mattresses, in the ridges, and between box springs, among other infested areas.
  • Bed bugs climb the bed and tables from the legs. Hence apply a ring of powder around the legs of your beds, tables, chairs, and other furniture spots touching the floor. The powder is safe for pets and children, hence no need to worry, but you may use a mask to avoid irritation of the lungs.
  • Lastly, apply the bed bug powder on the carpets while paying attention to all corners of the room and cracks on the wall or the floor.
  • Allow the applied powder to exterminate the bed bugs for the next few weeks effectively. You may thereafter, clean it and reapply by repeating the procedure to avoid new bleeding from eggs that might have hatched.

These simple seven steps process will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the powder used. While most users demand perfect results, the perfect procedure is necessary. Referring to the instructions manual that comes along is highly advised as it indicates whether it has properties that can damage some fabrics and furniture.

In conclusion

Your home is your resting and relaxation place. It should give you the comfort and a conducive atmosphere free of odor from bed bugs. The best bed bug powder comes from organic and natural compounds. It comes with easy application and effective procedure to eradicate bed bugs completely from your home. While it is highly recommended and safe for your decor and health, following key instructions and procedures is critical to exterminate bed bugs effectively.  Repeating the process a few times is also necessary to prevent new infestations.

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