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All you need to know about common boiler problems and repair costs

All you need to know about common boiler problems and repair costs

Did Your Boiler Suddenly Breakdown?

A boiler suddenly breaking down can be truly discomforting, and in worst-case scenarios, it could mean you’re facing days without hot water or central heating in your home, except you can hire a plumber to carry out an immediate boiler repair.

When you have a faulty boiler on your hands, especially in cases where a professional heating engineer is hours or a couple days away, your first action is to identify the problem in your boiler. To do this, a careful study of the boiler manual is essential and foremost.The boiler manual outlines and discusses all of the fault codes, giving you an idea of what the problem could be, and if you can have it repairedyourself.

If your boiler didn’t come with a physical manual, or you can’t find any trace of it at the moment, you can download a soft copy of the manual on your computer or phone.

What are the common boiler faults?

Most major boiler faults are too complex to be diagnosed or fixed by a person without any heating engineering experience. Once a repair requires taking off a boiler casing, immediately contact a trained heating engineer to undertake the repairs. If you don’t have the skill or the certification, trying to have it fixed yourself will make any warranty on your boiler null, and possibly cause additional problems.

Certain faults are as a result of the engineer you hire for boiler installation in London. Some boiler faults though are less complex and can be suitably tackled by any person with competent DIY skills. In such situations, the time and money to be spent on hiring the services of a heating engineer can be saved.

Three of these boiler faults include:

Frozen boiler condensate pipe

A condensate pipe is a component present in all condensing boilers, and during really cold periods, these pipes can become frozen, causing your boiler to be unable to provide you heat or hot water. In such situations, your boiler isn’t actually faulty, but because your condensate pipe is frozen, your boiler is consequently forced to shut itself down to prevent any additional damage.  Now, before you rush to call a heating engineer, ensure you check your condensate pipe, and confirm it is neither frozen nor faulty. If your condensate is frozen, you can visit our guide here to learn how to thaw the pipe properly.

Boiler losing pressure

Several reasons could be responsible for a drop in pressure in your boiler. The most common causes are a leak in the boiler, or if your radiators have been recently bled and the system has lost pressure as a result, or if your heating has been uneven and faulty for a long time and gone unnoticed, meanwhile continuously losing pressure overtime.

If you have a case of a low boiler pressure, you can repressurise your system yourself by simply having the filling loop taps on your boiler opened, and letting the pressure climb to the desired level, which usually is around 1 bar.  Once you’ve achieved the desired pressure, ensure you close both taps. Once this is done, your boiler is supposed to be working again without any problem. If you’ve repressurised your boiler, and it continuously loses pressure, you should pick the phone and get a trained heating engineer to inspect the system, and have it properly fixed.

Water leaking from the boiler

The cause of this is usually the presence of old and corroded washers. To have these replaced, the services of an experienced heating engineer is needed as it involves opening the boiler casing.

What are the costs of repairing a boiler?

The faults we’ve discussed above are fairly common boiler faults, but there are many other specific and technical faults your system could develop, and require the services of a heating engineer. You can get in touch with us for help in fixing these faults.

The costs of any repairs or replacement of parts will vary, with the most complex repairs usually costing more. Ensure you compare quotes from more than one heating engineer.

What are the costs of boiler servicing?

To prevent your system from suddenly developing faults and breaking down, especially during cold periods when heating and hot water is essential, it is advisable to have your system serviced no less than once a year by a reputable heating engineer.

Regular boiler servicing will ensure your system stays in optimum working order, and you will be able to identify faults in the system as soon as they arrive, saving money and time in making very expensive repairs. Your system’s warranty will also be made invalid if you fail to service your boiler regularly.  You can contact our qualified heating engineers to get a quote for a boiler service from us.

Some other dangerous boiler faults

Carbon Monoxide Leak

Research shows that carbon monoxide kills an estimated 25 to 50 people every single year in the UK, and the biggest carbon monoxide contributor are central heating boilers.

CO gases are colourless and odourless and are caused by the incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels and gases. Once CO gets in a person’s system, it keeps the blood from circulating oxygen to all areas of the body and causes a quick death. Some symptoms of CO inhalation include:

  • headaches,
  • breathlessness,
  • nausea,
  • dizziness,
  • loss of consciousness,
  • drowsiness,
  • vomiting,
  • chest and stomach pains,
  • visual problems.

To protect yourself and members of your family from the fatal dangers of carbon monoxide, we recommend you purchase a Best Buy Carbon Monoxide alarm. This alarm comes on once a CO leak occurs, and alerts you to the presence of the leak.  Buying an annual service will make sure your boiler is safe the entire year.

Getting your boiler fixed

Once you’ve decided you require the skilled services of a trained heating engineer in identifying and repairing the fault in your boiler, we recommend you get in contact an experienced engineer. Our trusted customer review can help you make a choice that is right for you, whether for a new installation, or repairs and replacements of faulty parts.

Reach out to 4D heating and plumbing boiler installation team in London today for servicing and repairs!

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