Getting the Most out of a Minimalist Lifestyle in 2020

Getting the Most out of a Minimalist Lifestyle in 2020

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time for all. From new resolutions and life aspirations to planning for the year to come, it’s the time to decide what we’re loving about life and where we’d like to see change. For me and many others, the new decade signifies a time to let go of all that didn’t bring absolute value to our lives in the past, both materialistically and mentally. It’s the ideal time to say, “I want to change the way I live” and mean it. For me personally, this means adopting my own version of a minimalist lifestyle. Sure, minimalism might have seen its “moment” in 2019, but I’ve never thought of that lifestyle as a trend that would eventually past.

I’ve spent the past year watching families and individuals adopt a minimalist lifestyle that seemed completely out of my wheelhouse, but the start of a new decade has given me the push I needed to make the most out living with minimalism in mind. Of course, living minimally means something different for everyone, and while some are completely ready to shift their lifestyle completely and quickly, I think the slow but steady approach is best for me, as well as those who are more apprehensive about taking the same journey to a lifestyle change.

How Can a Minimal Lifestyle Change Benefit You?

Over the past week, whether it’s been from friends, family, or coworkers, I’ve heard people talk about their new year resolution to find simplicity and balance in their life. While some are coming from a place of wanting to find better personal finance, others are just searching for more balance between their home and family life. Now, here’s where I’m going to say that minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean ridding yourself of your belongings, or partaking in a low-buy year as a family. Surely for many families, literally minimalizing what’s in their home or life is helpful in finding that balance. But some may benefit more by using the concept as a way of thinking and acting, rather than a way to physically live.

So before you begin a more minimal 2020, think about how such a lifestyle can benefit you or your loved ones. For me, and for many that I know, I believe a healthy mixture of the two is the ideal balance to strike.

Slowly Finding Minimalism at Home

Now, if your 2020 goals revolve around searching for a happier and simpler life than it might be time to cleanse your home of the materialistic items you no longer need. The great thing is, you don’t have to fully lean into a Marie Kondo lifestyle to get the most out of minimalism. Simply think about what you’ve been using regularly over the past year, what you know you’ll need in this new year, and what hasn’t proven useful over the past few years. Of course, getting rid of worldly possessions can be tricky, so here’s a great article to read if you’re having a difficult time letting go of what you own.

Honestly, for most individuals, it’s not about getting rid of things as much taking back control of the spaces that are both important to you and your family and might be overrun by your belongings. Make the most out of the beginning of the new year by reorganizing spaces and using them for fresh purposes. Have a spare room overrun by unused items, old documents, and an entire closet that never sees the light of day? Think about what that room could be used for and how material possessions are currently getting in the way of that. Could that extra room be turned into a dedicated study area for your kids? Could your bedroom be a spot for relaxation rather than a place designated for sleep and storage? Figure out where minimalism can benefit you most in your household and start there.

Finding Mental Minimalism

Of course, your resolutions might revolve more around decluttering your mind. Whether this means not sweating the small stuff, or clearly listening to yourself and others, there are easy ways to find mental minimalism. For me, this means getting rid of the thoughts that no longer serve a purpose to me, and you should likely do the same! From prioritizing mental energy to being mindful of focusing on the present, we can figure out how to reorganize our mental tiny house. With the new decade, it’s time to let go of past failures that can often eclipse those helpful, positive thought patterns. Mentally unpack, declutter, and prepare for patterns that can benefit your life and help you reach your other new year’s goals.

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