Best Ways to Celebrate Friendsgiving in Salt Lake City

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I have a troubled time with. Of course, I love gathering with loved ones over a feast of food and a good drink, but between All Hallows Eve and Christmas Day, I tend to forget about Turkey Day unless my family decides they want to have a last-minute dinner. No shame on the day itself, I’m just not entirely “there” for it and thus, it’s a tremendously popular traditional American holiday that is goes wasted. However, that changed when the term Friendsgiving started becoming more and more popular. I love keeping with tradition, but I also love making new ones. And that’s why I using this year as a chance to make Friendsgiving a day of delight with those near and dear to my heart. A lot of my plans involve hangouts and activities around the Salt Lake City area, where I live, but you can use these ideas as inspiration for Friendsgiving wherever you live.

Drinks and Deserts in SLC

Alright, now I do love the classic dinner with family and friends. I love home-cooked casseroles, dinner rolls, and yams, but sometimes it’s nice to change it up a little bit. If you’re not one for cooking and cleaning, why not go out to eat? Want to make it extra special with your friends? Go out for drinks and dinner around town! I love a good craft cocktail and I deeply love a quality desert, but more than anything, I love when both those things fit the theme of the night. Share a drink with friends that fit the mood. For me, that means heading over to Lake Effect in downtown Salt Lake City for a Cinn-A-Sour cocktail and to share a few caramel apple hand pies with friends.

Friendsgiving Isn’t Just About the Food

Sure, this holiday is traditionally based around sharing a meal but eating the only thing you can plan for on this day. If you’re in Utah, there’s a lot you can do on this day. So many things in fact that you might have to get choosey. Ask your friends to get involved with Friendsgiving. Ask for suggestions and get a good idea of what everyone would be happy with doing. I’m definitely not a winter sports kind of gal, but I do love spending time at the gorgeous resorts around Salt Lake while my friends and family hit the slopes. Not every resort opens by Thanksgiving day, but some of my favorites do, like Alta Ski Area and Snowboard Ski and Summer Resort.

Sticking With Tradition

Stick with tradition and take a moment to remember what you’re thankful for. This is one part of this holiday that I adore. I try my darndest to practice thankfulness throughout my life, but with friends around in celebration, it’s even easier to share the love and thankfulness for friendship, family, and our community. Whether you’re just saying what you’re thankful for round-robin style, or showing your thanks through different acts of giving back, now is the time to take a second and say your thanks through words or gestures. Find ways to give back to your community with the help of your loved ones. Contact a nearby homeless shelter and see if you can lend a hand during the day. You can even use this day as a chance to get together, bring fresh clothes and toiletries to give to homeless shelters in need.

I hope you have and safe and fun Friendsgiving no matter where you’re celebrating!

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