How to write a good essay in civil services mains exam

How to write a good essay in civil services mains exam

Essay writing contains the 250 marks and you can score the good numbers in it. Writing an essay for the UPSC exams is not easy. You require the right approach and good practice. Many candidates take it too lightly and then face the bad. You have to attempt this paper with the same seriousness as the other exams in UPSC Mains.

Before preparing for the UPSC exam check the syllabus of the exam. Candidates are asked to write two essays out of 8 choices and each essay is for 125 marks(1000-1200) words. You can score better in this exam than the others if you have done the practice. Read the current affairs daily and solve the previous year’s question paper. The essay writing exam reflects the personality of the candidate so write the essay very carefully. Try to use the diagrams, flow charts, numbers and bullet points. Write both the negative and positive points and give the most practical, social and legally accepted at the end.

You can follow the below-given structure for writing an essay.

  1. Write the introduction first, while writing the introduction don’t explain the topic or writing what is it. Write the specific points about the situation.
  2. Write about the history and the origin of the topic if you remember.
  3. After the introduction, explain the main issues, problems, and subjects.
  4. Write about the current scenario of the situation and current news related to the topic.
  5. Write about both the positive and negative aspects related to the topic.
  6. Write a conclusion at the end of the essay. Give the most practical solution at the end.

You can join the IAS coaching institution for the preparations. In an institution, they will provide you the study material and conduct the weekly and monthly tests. While writing the essay just keep in mind that you are a future IAS officer, not a journalist. If the topic is provocative, then try to represent a balanced picture. If not compulsory that you have to agree to the topic.

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