How Do Videos And Gifs Increase Landing Page Conversions

Before GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) became a symbol of web humor, they were the most compact graphic format. Thanks to the efficient LRZ compression algorithm described in 1984 by the American programmer Terry Welch in Computer magazine, GIF remained the most convenient way to transmit color digital graphics until the mid-90s. It was ideal for the slow dialup connections of those times.

How do you feel when you look at this gif? Sympathy, joy, anger? Did it make you laugh? Does it brings back any pleasant memory?

Regardless of the reaction, it certainly was able to attract your attention. Gif animation and video are a great way to “turn on” an audience. Moreover, videos and animated gifs add value to online content as well.

According to a study published, 51.9% of surveyed marketers around the world believe that video provides maximum return on investment. Another study by Forbes Insights among executives shows that 60% of respondents watch a video before reading a text. Statistics show that video, gif and other visual content that attracts the visitor’s eyes, increases traffic and conversion rate. Such materials establish interaction and create an emotional bond between the company and customers.

But what are the psychological reasons for their attractiveness? And how to use them to optimize the conversion of landing pages?

Two interpretations


There is an anthropological explanation of why we are more likely to focus on a moving image than on a static text. According to Susan Weinschenk, an American doctor of science and behavioral psychology, movement and noise have attracted our attention more than other irritants since primitive times – when people lived in caves and hunted to get food, this feature provided survival, telling us about threats, be it a predatory animal or a natural disaster, be it an earthquake or a volcanic eruption.

The same mechanism turns on when we watch a video. Video and GIFs are more effective than text simply because our brain tends to focus on movement. So, it is highly recommended to children books illustration in order to attract customers.


It is hard to find someone who does not like music. It is believed that music can change the course of our thoughts – and contribute to nostalgia. In addition, you must have noticed that sometimes someone’s voice has a calming effect on you. The voice of mom, dad, or loved one is sometimes all that is needed to defuse the situation and distract from problems.

The voice gives a richer experience than the text, as it reveals the feelings and intentions hidden behind the words. That is why an emotional connection is more likely to arise during telephone communication than through correspondence.

Thus, music and voices, as well as a moving picture in a video is a reliable way to attract the attention of an audience. But what’s next? A correctly placed video or GIF not only perfectly generates web traffic, but also increase conversion. Let’s see how this happens.

Why does video promote conversion?

The video explains what cannot be explained in words.

Sometimes words are not enough to express the desired message. Sometimes it’s easier to show how a product or service works, and on the Web it’s quite possible to do this using video. This will save time for you and your visitors – as well as improve the user experience.


Reduce the amount of text next to the video. Excess information will only increase the time that customers need to familiarize themselves with the product. Make sure text and visual content are balanced.

Video credibility

When choosing actors and announcers, focus on those whose voices are associated with your target audience – this will create trust in the brand. Think about what traits people should have or their voices. Particularly important are age, intonation, clothing style, speech, physical characteristics. So you turn a corporate video into a kind of friendly conversation with a like-minded person.


Research shows that people often click on elements located on top and in the center of the landing pages. The videos placed at the bottom of the page are often perceived as advertising and receive fewer clicks. Keep this in mind when designing a landing page layout. Run the split tests and find out which version resonates most with the audience.

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