Common Mistakes to Avoid during UPSC IAS Preparation

Common Mistakes to Avoid during UPSC IAS Preparation

The IAS exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission each year. It is considered one of the toughest exams in India. Each year there are around 1 million aspirants who appear in this exam. Many of them might be appearing in the exam for the first time and many of them might be appearing in the exam for the second or third time. But there are only a few who got selected in this exam.

To clear the IAS exam you need a dedicated approach towards your studies. You can join an IAS coaching institute or purchase the IAS study material. To clear the IAS exam you cannot afford a single mistake. Some mistakes are very common and some are the worst. Here in this article, we will share some common mistakes that you should avoid during the preparation of UPSC IAS exams.

1.Not understanding the UPSC Syllabus
The UPSC syllabus is very vast and the most common mistake made by the aspirants is not understanding the syllabus of the UPSC exam. If you are a UPSC aspirant then always keep a copy of the syllabus with you and understand the pattern of the exam. Once you are familiar with the syllabus and pattern, You can easily start your preparation for the UPSC exam.

2.Avoiding the NCERT Books
Aspirants do not read the NCERT Books, in UPSC IAS prelims and mains exam questions are asked based on the NCERT Books. The NCERT books will help you to clear the basics for IAS exams.

3.Equal importance to all topics
Most of the aspirants left the heavier stuff for the end, they don’t give equal importance to all the topics provided in the syllabus. They read some selected topics or so-called important topics. If you really want to clear the IAS exam then develop a habit of giving equal importance to all the for this competitive exam. You should know something about everything so that you can handle any kind of questions in the UPSC Prelims and Mains exam.

4.Not planning wisely
One of the major mistakes aspirants make is, not having a proper preparation plan. The syllabus of the UPSC is very vast, to complete the whole syllabus you need a wise and long-term plan. Divide your time respectively into smaller parts. A preparation plan will help you to keep track of the topics that you have covered and the topics that you need to be covered or revised.

5.Reading Newspaper for long hours
A newspaper is an important aspect in the UPSC civil services preparation. When aspirants start their preparation they waste most of the time in newspaper reading. You should not read a newspaper for long hours. Stick to one newspaper and read it for one or two hours only.

6. Not Creating Notes Daily
Aspirants do not create the notes daily. Note making will help you at the time of revision and also in essay writing. Use the bullet points and diagrams while creating your note.

7.Not solving the previous year question paper
To understand the pattern of the UPSC IAS exam you should the previous year question papers. At least solve the 3 to 5-year previous year question paper to have an idea about the question paper and the kind of questions asked.

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