App Development Languages: What You Need To Know

App Development Languages: What You Need To Know

Application languages is a programming artificial language that provides instructions to a computer, in order for it to perform specific tasks. Also known as system programming language, experts designed these languages to write the base structure of software or application. In some cases, developers write mobile apps and computer software in the same language.

In recent times, you may have heard the argument about which smartphone platform is the best. However, what really differentiates them is their core languages, along with the stages their app development goes through. For example, the most famous app platforms Android and iOS require a different type of programming, which accumulates their core software design. Nevertheless, here are the most famous app development languages.


According to a study, Java is the most utilized programming language on any platform. However, as Android is Java-based, it utilizes the application based on the programming language. Commonly people regard it as the most famous and favourite among application developers. Conversely, developers do not regard Java as favorable in iOS app development. However, it proves more than handy in developing cross-platform, react-native or hybrid applications. Additionally, search engines report that Java is the most searched language in recent times.


Ever since its invention in 2014, Swift has taken over the world of iOS development entirely. Rightfully so, as it was designed to become the primary iOS development language. Additionally, some also call it the language of the feature, because of its unmatched features and simplified API code. Swift took over the command from Objective-C, as it was meant to do so. However, its compatibility with Linux platforms allows seasoned developers to utilize it anywhere they please.


Originally designed for web development purposes, PHP found its way into software and app development as well. The language has gone through many updates, modifications and changes since its invention in the mid-90s. PHP helps developers create dynamic applications for websites, as well as mobile phones because of its adaptable nature. Additionally, it allows expert developers to use it in both iOS and Android apps.


What is widely regarded as the updated and improved version of C, C++ is a general-purpose programming language. C++ has gone through drastic changes since its first appearance in 1985. After 35 years of careful modifications and tweaks, C++ is one of the primary languages in computer app development. As it allows professionals to create entire operating systems, not just applications. Considering the implementation of C++, it is not limited to just mobile phones, as some powerful software like Photoshop, Chrome and Amazon were developed using C++


Kotlin first appeared in 2011 as an object-oriented programming language, which has now become the second most used developing language in mobile phone apps. Mainly utilized by Android developers, Kotlin known for its tidiness compared to Java. Which is why many developers prefer it because of its advanced properties. However, it still utilizes the JVM (Java virtual machine), with the ability to compile with JavaScript’s source code.


Guido Van Rossum created the high-level, multipurpose and general-purpose programming language Python in 1991. Python is to languages what screenwriting is to fiction writing. Its central philosophy allows developers to leave more white space. In other words, it needs a little amount of code to perform a wide amount of actions. Additionally, another benefit of Python is its adaptability. For example, a developer will not have to write code separately for iOS or Android in order to create app like Tinder, or Facebook.


Objective-C is to apple what C# is to Microsoft, or at least it used to be until Swift took over. The language derives its name from C; it is also an object-oriented programming language. Even though Swift has replaced it mostly, it still maintains an image among developers.


Overall, the type of development comes into play after you have learned all of the above languages. The type being Hybrid or Native, iOS and Android platforms require you to understand even their delicate details in order to devise a proper application through these languages. Nevertheless, in recent times, frameworks and developing programs have made it easier, and you do not have to write pages of code to program applications.

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